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Cabling and Wiring for CCTV Camera Installation in Pakistan

For most commercial CCTV systems in Pakistan, structured cabling running throughout the walls and connecting your security cameras to the server or NVR will be a vital component during surveillance camera installation. While more and more wireless security cameras are becoming popular, especially for home use, wired security cameras still reign supreme for more permanent and demanding security use.

IP Camera Installation Cabling
When using IP cameras – as most CCTV systems do these days – you will most likely be looking at Cat5E or Cat6 cables, which can transfer the large amount of data required by digital video and high resolutions at very fast speeds, and often over long distances. This is an upgrade from the coax cabling that usually powers analog security cameras; coax cables are reliable, but not compatible with IP camera installation. In many cases, Cat5e and Cat6 cables will also power the security cameras, eliminating the need for further wiring. This is called Power-Over-Ethernet and requires a PoE switch when the security cameras are not connected to an NVR. Wireless security cameras may need less wiring in the walls but will still require cables to power the security camera separately, usually via 110VAC power.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)
The Network Video Recorder, also known as the NVR, is another essential element to any IP camera system. Connected to the same IP network, the NVR can be installed virtually anywhere in your building or home. The NVR allows you to record and store video on a hard drive, snap images and transmit them to your computer or remote device for live and recorded viewing. Network Video Recorders usually have multiple channels for inputting security camera feeds, and are an all-in-one place for combining feeds and keeping a comprehensive eye on your surveillance feeds. NVRs and DVRs may be placed on a shelf or desk, wall mounted, or mounted behind a false wall.

NVR’s differ mainly from DVR’s in that they record video from IP cameras, while DVR’s mainly record analog-based video to a digital format. Standard DVR recorders use coaxial cables, while many NVRs connect through Ethernet cables, such as a cat5e or cat6.

Hard Drives
An NVR makes it easy to record video surveillance footage, but you will need connected hard drives on which to store this footage. Choosing the right amount of storage for your surveillance camera installation can seem like a confusing gamble, but it doesn’t have to be; it’s simply a matter of calculating the length of video you need to store, by the bitrate and resolution your camera shoots at. When recording 4k security camera video, this can end up being a large number requiring terabytes of footage. For lesser archival needs, you can usually get away with much less.

Which is Better, DVR or NVR

DVRs with coaxial cables generally have image quality that deteriorates after around 300 feet. With an NVR system, you can get around this by using a POE extender, POE injector, or POE switch to extend cables over long distances, while maintaining high image quality. NVRs offer high flexibility — connected to the same IP network, NVRs can be installed virtually anywhere in your building.

Since NVRs use a software program to automatically record video in a digital format, they can easily transmit data over computer networks and even remotely stream security footage in real time on a mobile device. NVRs are also typically newer and more advanced systems that offer higher video quality, compatibility with more cameras, and more flexible features.

For business security systems with existing coaxial wiring and analog cameras, installing a DVR is the best bet. For commercial security camera systems starting from scratch, NVRs are a great choice, which offer higher-resolution IP cameras and remote video feed access.


Security Camera System Installation in Pakistan

Video Storage

How Much Storage Do You Need?
For most businesses, it is recommended to store footage from commercial security cameras for at least 30 days. For large operations, camera footage is often stored for up to 90 days, requiring a larger storage solution with more capacity.

Storing more footage generally means using more physical space and hard drives, as well as more terabytes of space. The average 12-camera business surveillance system requires at least 8 terabytes of space to store 1080p footage for 30 days, at industry standard frames per second.

Do You Need a Hard Drive For Security Cameras?
Recording security camera footage requires hard drives and/or cloud-based storage. If you have an analog security camera system, the DVR has a hard drive inside of it. In IP camera system installation, the NVR can use hard drives for onsite recording and cloud-based recording, in the event of hard drive malfunction.

What About Cloud Storage?

More modern CCTV camera systems allow users to store security footage in the cloud, allowing property owners and managers to access live and recorded footage from a mobile device or web browser. This is a good alternative to memory cards, because it offers better storage of large video files, as well as more convenience in today’s internet-based world. Using the cloud allows users to get instant security alerts, making it easy to view and respond to security footage in real time, even when users are offsite. Many cloud-based CCTV camera systems offer a limited amount of free cloud storage, as well as monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription.



Types of CCTV Security Cameras in Pakistan

Bullet Cameras
Dome Cameras
Turret Cameras
PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)
Cameras Fisheye
Cameras Multiple
Sensor Cameras
Doorbell Cameras
Wireless Security Cameras
No matter your surveillance system configuration, the type of security camera you choose will have a tremendous impact, and there are many types of commercial cameras and camera installation service types out there. Each camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own benefits and downsides, so it’s imperative you make an informed choice to achieve the best security camera system for business safety. Remember, you’re encouraged to mix-and-match camera types when installing the security camera system that’s right for you.

Different-types-of-CCTV-cameras in Pakistan

Bullet Cameras in Pakistan

Bullet cameras range in size from a rifle bullet or a lipstick tube to a bread loaf, but the basic gist is the same in every case. They’re linear security cameras that mount to your wall or ceiling with a tri-axis mount (so don’t worry about orienting them while you’re screwing them into the wall) and focus on a specific part of your premises. Given their tubular design, they have room for night-vision and IR features, and they have better range and zoom capabilities than the flatter dome security cameras.

Since they’re so obviously recognizable as a security camera, they’re a great deterrent as well, and they’re easy to mount just about anywhere. With the typical weatherproof hoods, they’re quite durable, but they don’t always come with the full IP certification of other models.

On the other hand, they’re more susceptible to damage than other models and they make tempting nests for wildlife, so make sure you choose a good spot to install bullet cameras on your premises.

HIKVision Bullet Camera
Dahua Bullet Camera
CP Plus Bullet Camera
Pollo Bullet Camera

hikvision_large_bullet_cam in pakistan
hikvision_bullet_cam in pakistan

CCTV Installation Home

We provides CCTV equipment and offer one of the most extensive CCTV Product range in Islamabad – Pakistan. Our equipment is designed for homes, offices, schools, factories and retail shops. All our products are easy to setup and control, CCTV Camera Setup in Pakistan.

We aim to provide cutting edge surveillance technology and expert advice to all businesses and home owners because we know how important it is to protect your property.

We have a wide range of surveillance cameras including DVRs, NVRs, Analog Cameras, HD Cameras, IP Cameras, WIFI cameras links and connections in Islamabad Pakistan.



CCTV Camera Price List in Pakistan 2023

CCTV Camera prices start from Rs. 2,500 in Pakistan. CCTV products available in Pakistan are Dahua Hikvision Pollo CP Plus  Camera DVR NVR.

Dahua IMOU Ranger 2 HD Wi-Fi CCTV Camera
Rs. 7,990

Hikvision DS-2CD1131-I 3MP POE DWDR IP67 Outdoor CCTV IP Network Dome Camera
Rs. 8,099

Hikvision DS-2CD1041-I 4MP 4mm CMOS Network Bullet PoE CCTV Camera IP67 3D DNR
Rs. 8,799

Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan

Following are the brands that offer the best CCTV cameras in Pakistan

  • Hikvision is a Chinese company that offers video surveillance cameras in Pakistan. Its cameras can withstand different weather conditions
  • Dahua is another leading video surveillance products brand that sells a wide range of CCTV cameras. Its cameras are expandable and can be used easily due to their flexible configuration.

The sizes of CCTV cameras available in the Pakistani :

  • 2 MP which has a resolution of 1920*1080 with 2 million pixels
  • 4 MP which has almost 4 million pixels.
  • 6 MP has дропшиппинг поставщики approximately 6 million pixels.
  • 8 MP which has 8 million pixels.
  • 4k has UHD recording capabilities.

Dahua IP Camera Price in Pakistan 2023

Dahua 2MP IP Camera price : 8500
Dahua 4MP IP Camera price : 12000
Dahua 5MP IP Camera price : 14500
Dahua 4K Camera price : 220000
Dahua 2MP Warmlight IP Camera price : 9500

Dahua NVR Price in Pakistan 2023

Dahua 4CH NVR price : 13500
Dahua 8CH NVR price : 16500
Dahua 16CH NVR price : 22500

Dahua HDCVI Camera Price in Pakistan

Dahua 2MP Camera price : 3500
Dahua 4MP Camera price : 4500
Dahua 5MP Camera price : 5500
Dahua 2MP Warmlight Camera price : 5500

Dahua DVR Price in Pakistan

Dahua 4CH DVR price : 10500
Dahua 8CH DVR price : 14500
Dahua 16CH DVR price : 22500

Dahua camera prices in Pakistan купить постельное белье 2023

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We offer you the best value to help protect, and stay connected to, your property. With a choice of DVR security systems, you can choose from 4 to 16 channels and connect up to 32 cameras. Our NVR security systems have 4 to 64 channel options, suitable for large properties and businesses.

CCTV Pakistan security systems provide remote viewing, enabling you to view security footage remotely either from a computer, your smartphone or tablet. Resolutions range from 720p / 1080p Full HD high definition up to 4k ultra high definition; ensuring you can see and record your CCTV footage clearly. All of our security cameras have night vision, are IP66 or IP67 rated so suitable for the outdoors.

All security systems are covered by a 12 month warranty, free 24/7 technical support and all the online help you need to install all components of your security system yourself.


Our professional security cameras for your video surveillance
system includes: Color security cameras, Day and night security cameras, infrared security cameras, dome security cameras, black and white security cameras, bullet security camera, hidden cameras, pan tilt zoom (ptz) cameras, zoom security cameras, dummy cameras, ip digital security cameras, and board mini security cameras.

We provide a broad range of video security equipment including CCTV security cameras, CCTV camera lenses, digital video recorder systems (DVR) and related CCTV camera accessories and video security systems.

we have earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing professional assistance and back up technical advice. Our customers can rely on us to choose from the latest electronics surveillance equipment. Now, we offer the same professional high quality security products and service to our Internet customers. Our friendly staff will cheerfully tell you what you need to know in order to install CCTV security system.

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CCTV Security System Installation in Bahria Town and DHA

CCTV Pakistan in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Islamabad provides all types of CCTV services for Camera Installation, IP Camera, CCTV Camera repairing, CCTV Security System Installation for your Home, Office, Shop or Work.
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