Security Camera System Installation in Pakistan

Video Storage

How Much Storage Do You Need?
For most businesses, it is recommended to store footage from commercial security cameras for at least 30 days. For large operations, camera footage is often stored for up to 90 days, requiring a larger storage solution with more capacity.

Storing more footage generally means using more physical space and hard drives, as well as more terabytes of space. The average 12-camera business surveillance system requires at least 8 terabytes of space to store 1080p footage for 30 days, at industry standard frames per second.

Do You Need a Hard Drive For Security Cameras?
Recording security camera footage requires hard drives and/or cloud-based storage. If you have an analog security camera system, the DVR has a hard drive inside of it. In IP camera system installation, the NVR can use hard drives for onsite recording and cloud-based recording, in the event of hard drive malfunction.

What About Cloud Storage?

More modern CCTV camera systems allow users to store security footage in the cloud, allowing property owners and managers to access live and recorded footage from a mobile device or web browser. This is a good alternative to memory cards, because it offers better storage of large video files, as well as more convenience in today’s internet-based world. Using the cloud allows users to get instant security alerts, making it easy to view and respond to security footage in real time, even when users are offsite. Many cloud-based CCTV camera systems offer a limited amount of free cloud storage, as well as monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription.