CCTV Camera Price List in Pakistan 2023

CCTV Camera prices start from Rs. 2,500 in Pakistan. CCTV products available in Pakistan are Dahua Hikvision Pollo CP Plus  Camera DVR NVR.

Dahua IMOU Ranger 2 HD Wi-Fi CCTV Camera
Rs. 7,990

Hikvision DS-2CD1131-I 3MP POE DWDR IP67 Outdoor CCTV IP Network Dome Camera
Rs. 8,099

Hikvision DS-2CD1041-I 4MP 4mm CMOS Network Bullet PoE CCTV Camera IP67 3D DNR
Rs. 8,799

Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan

Following are the brands that offer the best CCTV cameras in Pakistan

  • Hikvision is a Chinese company that offers video surveillance cameras in Pakistan. Its cameras can withstand different weather conditions
  • Dahua is another leading video surveillance products brand that sells a wide range of CCTV cameras. Its cameras are expandable and can be used easily due to their flexible configuration.

The sizes of CCTV cameras available in the Pakistani :

  • 2 MP which has a resolution of 1920*1080 with 2 million pixels
  • 4 MP which has almost 4 million pixels.
  • 6 MP has дропшиппинг поставщики approximately 6 million pixels.
  • 8 MP which has 8 million pixels.
  • 4k has UHD recording capabilities.

Dahua IP Camera Price in Pakistan 2023

Dahua 2MP IP Camera price : 8500
Dahua 4MP IP Camera price : 12000
Dahua 5MP IP Camera price : 14500
Dahua 4K Camera price : 220000
Dahua 2MP Warmlight IP Camera price : 9500

Dahua NVR Price in Pakistan 2023

Dahua 4CH NVR price : 13500
Dahua 8CH NVR price : 16500
Dahua 16CH NVR price : 22500

Dahua HDCVI Camera Price in Pakistan

Dahua 2MP Camera price : 3500
Dahua 4MP Camera price : 4500
Dahua 5MP Camera price : 5500
Dahua 2MP Warmlight Camera price : 5500

Dahua DVR Price in Pakistan

Dahua 4CH DVR price : 10500
Dahua 8CH DVR price : 14500
Dahua 16CH DVR price : 22500

Dahua camera prices in Pakistan купить постельное белье 2023

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CCTV Security Camera Installation & Repair Services in Rawalpindi

We Provide Security System Services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Bahria Town CCTV Security Camera Installation Maintenance & Repair Services

Complete CCTV Security Camera Installation & Repair Service available in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Islamabad.

Bahria Town CCTV Security Camera Installation Services
Bahria Town CCTV Security Camera Installation Services

We supply high quality security equipment.Wired, wireless cameras and IP cameras. If you already have CCTV and you are looking to extend and upgrade security cameras for your home & office we have both wired and wireless analog & IP CCTV system. All type of Home & Office Security system.
We Have Complete Collection Of IP, HDCVI, Turbo HD, AHD, HDX HD Camera DVRs & NVRs With Best Quality And Best Price. Largest CCTV Distributor & Service Provider Company in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.